Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chemo hair loss

In June 2011 I was diagnosed with a local recurrence of my Breast Cancer. It was very near the site of the tumour I found in Dec 2007. This time I had to have a mastectomy, but I was able to have a reconstruction at the same time. Although there was no sign of spread my oncologist felt, on balance, that it would be wise to have a course of chemotherpy, known as CMF. Its less toxic than the one I had before, TC, so easier to deal with.

I was told that I wouldn't lose my hair, but that it would thin. By the fourth month (of six) it was so bad I had to give in and have it all cut off. The nurses think it was because I had chemo before and my root system had been weakened. I wonder if anyone else has had this experience?